People is bored of selling their stuff conventionally. So, what do we offer? An alternative for such conventional selling of products. Anyone that whishes to sell a product, instead of conventionally selling it, it raffles it. Our mission is to offer the platform for the raffles to take place, expanding the target audience through the collaborative participation of users. The users that wish to be part of the raffle, shall pay for the ticket entry, that will be determined by the owner of the product that’s being raffled with base of the total amount of available tickets.


Our vision is to be recognized internationally as the number one platform in the sale of products through raffles. We are tired of fake raffles through social media. We aim to offer the one and only decentralized platform for legit raffles.


We found out that people who want to sell products in order to finance themselves, face the big issue of the lack of an alternative to conventional selling, that can give them a greater value for their product than that the market price for any given product. We also detected the need of people who don’t have enough resources to buy highvalue goods by paying for the market price of any given product.

This is when we asked ourselves, why not raffle products where the financing is collective and then through a raffle a winner is obtained and gets the product? Raffle emerged to solve this problem! The owner of the product can set the cap of the raffle as high as he believes possible. If it’s too high then people won’t participate, of course. And the people who want to buy any given product, will be part of the raffle by paying a ticket price that’s much lower than the market price of the product. The winner of the raffle takes the product home!


The raffling platform will support only crypto with the main currency being our native: $RAFF token. To participate in the raffles, the user will have to send $RAFF to a wallet to participate in the chosen draw. The owner of the product, will set the cap of the raffle in $RAFF or any other major accepted currency.