Raffle is a platform which is being developed that will allow any person to raffle their products and obtain a greater profit with respect to traditional sales channels. On the other hand, it will allow users to participate in a giveaway of amazing products by paying a low priced ticket.


$RAFF total supply is: 1, 000, 000

Such total supply will be distributed as follows:

- 20% Private pre-sale: Lock until 19.6.22

- 4.5 % Team: Lock until 31.9.22

- 3.5% Marketing: Lock until 20.10.21

- 50% Will be added as liquidity in decentralized exchanges for the fair launch

- 22% Burn

Stake $RAFF just by holding it! RAFF’s smart contract is set to charge a fee for every transaction made. This means that, for every purchase or sale of the token, 8% of the total amount of the transaction is allocated as follows: (i) 5% to be locked in the liquidity pool up to 2035 and (ii) 3% to be distributed between all RAFF’s holders.

So, YES!, you earn more RAFF just by holding RAFF.

Raffle investments will give away a brand new iPhone 12 64 GB factory unlocked among the first 100 wallets buying RAFF on the fair Launch. Such wallets will receive a ticket to participate in the raffle for every 0.50 BNB bought.